Commercial Districts: C8

Commercial Districts
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

C8 districts, bridging commercial and manufacturing uses, provide for automotive and other heavy commercial services that often require large amounts of land. Parts of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn and Castleton Corners on Staten Island are mapped C8. Typical uses are automobile showrooms and repair shops, warehouses, gas stations and car washes—although all commercial uses (except large, open amusements) as well as certain community facilities are permitted in C8 districts. Housing is not permitted and performance standards are imposed for certain semi-industrial uses (Use Group 11A and 16).

C8 districts are mapped mainly along major traffic arteries, such as Boston Road and Jerome Avenue in the Bronx and Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, where concentrations of automotive uses have developed.

The floor area ratio (FAR) ranges from 1.0 in C8-1 districts to 5.0 in C8-4 districts.

Off-street parking requirements vary with district and use. Automotive uses in C8-1 to C8-3 districts require substantial parking. C8-4 districts are usually exempt from parking requirements.

C8 Commercial Districts Table