Gaming Facility Text Amendment

This proposed zoning change would allow up to three gaming facilities in select commercial and manufacturing districts. The facilities would only be considered compliant with zoning if they have been licensed through the robust State-level process.

The proposal entered NYC’s formal public review process on November 27, 2023.

Why Now?

New York State has requested applications for up to three downstate gaming facilities. Applicants within New York City are at a disadvantage to other downstate applicants, because our zoning code prohibits these facilities.    

That means New Yorkers could miss out on jobs and economic benefits without a zoning change.

This zoning proposal only applies to the three State-licensed downstate facilities and not any future gaming licenses.

About the Proposal

Map of districts covered by the proposal.
Map of districts covered by the proposal. See a larger map here.

The proposal would allow State-licensed gaming facilities in commercial districts C4, C5, C6, C7, and C8 and manufacturing districts M1, M2, and M3. Learn more about NYC’s zoning districts here.

Read a detailed FAQ about the project here.
Read the proposed zoning text here under “Filed LU package v1”.

The State licensing process includes input and approval by a Community Advisory Committee for each gaming facility application, made up of representatives from:

  • The Governor
  • The Mayor
  • State Assemblymember
  • State Senator
  • Borough President
  • City Councilmember

If approved by the Community Advisory Committee, the State Gaming Facility Location Board and State Gaming Commission will then consider applications. Read more about this selection process here.

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