Bronx Metro-North Station Area Study

IIllustrated map of Morris Park with locations of points of interest

Morris Park

Morris Park is home to one of the city’s largest jobs centers, with over 23,000 jobs within a half mile of the proposed station. The new station offers an opportunity to support and grow these critical jobs in the Bronx, and better connect the new station to the surrounding communities.

Plan Objectives

Objectives developed with the Morris Park community include:

Vibrant Communities

Planning for growth while celebrating who we are.

  1. Create a neighborhood center that supports transit-oriented development, area institutions, and job growth
  2. Preserve housing affordability and stability for existing residents and encourage new high-quality housing options for a wide range of incomes and ages, such as area workers, young families, and seniors
  3. Promote fair transit-oriented development that benefits all residents
  4. Make it easier and more pleasant to walk and move throughout the neighborhood
  5. Ensure easy and comfortable access to the station
  6. Create new open spaces and improve and better connect to existing ones
  7. Support the area’s diverse and growing immigrant communities
  8. Make healthy food options available
  9. Meet added demand for schools, police and fire service, and other basic services
  10. Honor the area’s history and promote public art

A Neighborhood Center - Click on the numbers on each image to see descriptions.

Illustration of intersection with retail and  apartments. Text reads: “Vision for Morris Park Plaza near station”
Intersection with a Starbucks and auto shop.  Text reads “Current view of Morris Park Av/Eastchester”
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Connected Communities

Planning to help people get around the neighborhood, the city, and the region.

  1. Understand and explore options to ensure good traffic circulation that allows for future growth around the new station
  2. Make it easier to navigate and walk or bike to the station, other public transit, retail, and area medical, school, and job campuses
  3. Ensure that major corridors are safe, well-lit, and pleasant to walk along
Working Communities

Planning to grow jobs and connect Bronxites to them.

  1. Promote and support Morris Park as a key regional job center specialized in health care and life sciences
  2. Ensure Morris Park remains a vibrant and desirable place to live, work, and shop and that it is able to attract and keep workers
  3. Better connect Bronxites to existing and future jobs at area institutions and in the region
  4. Understand the needs of existing small businesses and identify tools to support them

Detailed recommendations for Morris Park in fall 2023.

Where to next?

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