Bronx Metro-North Station Area Study

IIllustrated map of Hunts Point with points of interest

Hunts Point

The Hunts Point station area is situated at an important intersection of neighborhoods, communities, jobs, and key transportation infrastructure. Home to the Hunts Point markets which is a critical job center and lifeblood of the city, the surrounding area is also home to diverse communities of more than 48,000 residents. The planned station is the only station within a quarter mile of the NYC subway system, making the station’s location a key future transfer point. Easing the connections between these two kinds of transportation will be critical to the success of the stations and the community in the future. The video below outlines the primary objectives that community members have voiced so far.

View the full zoning proposal here.

What's next?

Through spring 2023, NYC Planning will review all public input collected since 2018 and develop recommendations for land use, workforce development and more to bring the community’s vision to life.

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