Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan

Rendering of Bay Street Corridor

On June 26th, 2019, the City Council voted to approve the Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan with modifications. The zoning changes are now in effect. See the adopted Special Bay Street Corridor District text.

In addition to the adoption of the proposed zoning changes, the Bay Street Neighborhood Plan represents $250 million in investments – including $100 million in dedicated new funding - in housing, public space, waterfront access, education, transportation, economic development and infrastructure. See the Press Release

Certification of the Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan

The City Planning Commission certified the land use application as complete and began the public review process on November 13, 2018. See The Plan tab for more details, including the PDF Document City Planning Commission (CPC) presentation on the Plan and the Draft Housing Plan released by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development. Brief explanations on the PDF Document proposal, PDF Document zoning/Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) and PDF Document housing strategies.

For over three years, residents, stakeholders and City agencies have worked together closely to craft the Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan. Over the course of these three years, a multi-faceted outreach approach was conducted, including holding public meetings, workshops and open houses. In that time, we collaborated to identify local issues, exchange ideas, draft goals and create a vision for the Bay Street Corridor, solidifying guiding principles and strategies.

The actions within the land use application certified by the CPC include zoning map amendments to support a mixed-use, walkable corridor, zoning text amendments to implement customized zoning regulations and establish a permanent percentage of affordable housing through the City’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) program, as well as a disposition of City-owned property which is intended to be redeveloped. It is anticipated that these actions will result in a net increase of over 1,800 new dwelling units in the rezoning areas, over 100 new units on city-owned sites, 275,000 square feet of commercial/retail space and 45,000 square feet of community facility space.

There will be multiple opportunities for public input on the actions, recommendations and strategies outlined within the Plan throughout the ULURP Process. Please keep an eye out for the Community Board 1 public hearing regarding the Bay Street Corridor, slated to occur in early December.  Stay tuned for more updates on the process coming soon.

The Bay Street Corridor Team have been hard at work since Public Scoping, analyzing public feedback and completing the detailed technical work required to advance a draft Neighborhood Plan.

We are working toward a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that will be released to the public for review and comment. The DEIS will provide information on the needs of the future community and what might be required to accommodate new residents.  The DEIS will be refined as the process unfolds with additional information based on public review.

At the same time, we’ve also been consulting with our interagency partners and the community through additional open houses and meetings with community groups to refine the neighborhood strategies that the City is considering to support the overall vision for the Bay Street Corridor. We’ve been out to the following events:

  • June 2016 – North Shore Town Hall with Councilmember Rose
  • January 2017 – Borough President Direct Connect
  • March 2017 – North Shore Open House
  • April 2017 – St George Day
  • Pop-up outreach at other community meetings

In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more details and information and we will continue to engage the community and refine the proposed Plan as it proceeds through the public review process.

St George Day April 22nd, 2017
St George Day April 22nd, 2017
North Shore Open House March 29th, 2017
North Shore Open House March 29th, 2017
North Shore Open House March 29th, 2017
Public Scoping Session May 15th, 2016
Public Scoping Session May 15th, 2016

Check back on this website for information on upcoming meetings and events. If you would like to be added to our email contact list, or if you have any questions, please email us at

On May 19th and 21st the Bay Street Corridor Team hosted a Draft Neighborhood Strategy Workshop at 5050 Skatepark and PS65.The workshops were well attended and those there were able to discuss their questions and suggestions for the neighborhood with representatives from many city agencies.

Did you miss the workshop? Check out the PDF Document information boards that were on display.

The Department of City Planning provided an update on the neighborhood planning efforts, which began in June 2015 and will continue through the end of this year. A PDF Document presentation (Para la presentación en español, PDF Document clic aquí) was shared on the current strategies that City Agencies are crafting to address the community’s goals for:

  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Housing
  • Community Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Circulation & Transportation

The presentation also identified next steps and how you could participate, including at next month’s environmental  Public Scoping Meeting, which is the next step in the environmental impact review process (See more information on Public Scoping).

After the presentation, the community chatted with planners from City Agencies and asked questions and made suggestions regarding each agencies’ proposed Neighborhood Strategies. There were Representatives from the following agencies: Departments of Housing Preservation and Development, Transportation, Small Business Services, Environmental Protection, the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation, School Construction Authority, NYC Parks, and the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

Based on community input, these draft strategies will continue to be refined and updated over the coming months.

The Bay Street Corridor Team would like to thank all those who attended and check back for updates on future meetings

On February 18th and 20th the Bay Street Corridor Team hosted a Zoning and Housing Analysis Public Workshop at Central Family Life Center and PS65.

The Department of City Planning (DCP) presented its zoning analysis, which demonstrated how community input is being used to potentially modify current development rules (zoning) in the area in order to facilitate appropriate development that can respond to the current and future needs of the neighborhood. The presentation also included sketches of what future development within the Bay Street Corridor might look like if the rules are changed. Check out PDF Document DCP’s Zoning Analysis!

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) also presented an analysis of housing in the area, which outlined the need for affordable housing, and how currently available HPD programs and the proposed Mandatory Inclusionary Housing text amendment might apply to the Bay Street Corridor in the future. Check out PDF Document HPD’s Housing Analysis!

Did you miss the workshop? Check out the PDF Document boards that were on display.

The Bay Street Corridor Team would like to thank all those who attended and check back for updates on future meetings.

The Bay Street Corridor Team held two public workshops this fall on Thursday November 12th and Saturday November 14th. Local residents were able to discuss the Bay Street Corridor and engage with representatives from the Departments of the City Planning, Housing Preservation and Development, Small Business Services, NYC Parks, as well as the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

PDF Document Check out the event recap, including what we heard from the community!

The Bay Street Corridor Team conducted another tabling event at Councilmember Rose’s Community Fair @ Tappen Park on Saturday October 24th, 2015.

PDF Document Check out what people told us!

Throughout the summer, the Bay Street Corridor Team conducted “pop-up” tabling at events such as the St George Greenmarket, the North Shore Business Association’s Restaurant Crawl, and Van Duzer Civic. Similar to the Open House, we asked participants to flag particular issues they noticed in the community (i.e. traffic, crime, poor sidewalk conditions). Please click on the links below to review the marked up maps!

Bay Street Corridor @ Downtown Staten Island launched its public outreach with an Open House at P.S. 65 on Thursday, June 11 and Saturday, June 13. Over 150 local residents, business owners, property owners, developers and local community advocates attended to share and compare information about their neighborhoods with representatives from City agencies.

The Department of City Planning (DCP), in collaboration with HPD and EDC, recreated the cafeteria of P.S. 65 into a public showcase of demographic information about the Bay Street Corridor and the work currently underway by City agencies. Members of the public were invited to spend as much time as wanted to view, discuss, question, and debate the information provided with representatives from DCP, HPD, EDC, DEP, DOT, SCA, MOER and NYC Parks. Refreshments were provided and activities were designed to encourage a public discussion of public improvements and housing and options needed to support a healthy and thriving neighborhood.

The Open House is the first in a series of public events designed to engage the community in the development of the Bay Street Corridor @ Downtown Staten Island Neighborhood Planning Initiative. This particular Open House is an opportunity to learn and share information with city staff and other community members in attendance about Bay Street and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Go at your own pace. Stay 10 minutes. Stay an hour, stay two. Ask questions, provide input, or just observe.
This is an opportunity to ensure that everyone has the latest information and a forum to provide your suggestions as we kick-off this neighborhood planning effort.

We invite you to attend our Public Open House event, which will be held at PS 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning at the following times:

  • Thursday June 11 @ 7-9P
  • Saturday June 13 @ 12-3P