Decennial Census - Census 2000

Census Briefs - Results from the 2000 Census

NYC 2000: Results from the 2000 Census, is a series of reports that highlights key findings from the 2000 Census for New York City and its neighborhoods.

PDF Document Population Growth and Race/Hispanic Composition (4.1 mb): Largely based on data from the PL 94-171 Redistricting File, this report provides some important context for the City's 2000 Census numbers, including historical information on race/Hispanic composition and population changes in other major U.S. cities. This report (DCP #01-11) is also available in printed form in the City Planning Bookstore.

PDF Document Demographic/Household Characteristics & Asian and Hispanic Subgroups (4.4 mb):
Largely based on data from the SF1 File, this report provides demographic information, such as age, household and family type, living arrangements, and housing information by tenure for the city overall and for each borough. It also provides information on population counts and settlement patterns for the major Hispanic and Asian subgroups. (DCP #02-07)

PDF Document Socioeconomic Characteristics - Overview of New York City and Boroughs, 2000 (0.4 mb): Analysis of socioeconomic characteristics such as income, poverty and nativity based on data from the Summary File 3 profile.