Equitable Development Data Explorer

What is the Equitable Development Data Explorer?

The Equitable Development Data Explorer is a new interactive resource that equips New Yorkers with data to navigate challenging conversations about housing affordability, displacement, and racial equity in our city.

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Data and Research

  • The PDF Document Data Dictionary describes the content, format, and sources of each data point in the data tool.
  • The PDF Document Bibliography contains resources reviewed by the City during the development of the data tool.

Why do we need the Equitable Development Data Explorer?

The Equitable Development Data Explorer helps advance the City’s work to promote fair housing and equitable development across the five boroughs, as outlined in Where We Live NYC. The explorer was required by PDF Document Local Law 78 of 2021, which developed out of advocacy by the Racial Impact Study Coalition (RISC) and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams to center major planning decisions in racial equity.

Displacement Risk Map

Map of NYC with shades of pink and purple

The data explorer includes a map of the city that illustrates the level of risk residents may face of being unable to stay in their home or neighborhood.

The map combines data about factors that contribute to displacement risk, to indicate the level of risk in different neighborhoods as compared to each other.

Racial Equity Reports

As of June 1, 2022, PDF Document certain property owners applying for land use changes must produce a Racial Equity Report using information pulled from the data tool. This report will assist racial equity discussions during the public land use review process known as ULURP.

Once submitted, the reports will be publicly available on NYC Planning’s Zoning Application Portal where land use applications are also publicly available.

Land use applicants: find the Racial Equity Report forms here.

The Report must include:

  • A community profile pulled from the data explorer;
  • The applicant’s narrative statement of how the project relates to the City's goals and strategies to affirmatively further fair housing and promote equitable access to opportunity as outlined in the  Where We Live NYC plan;
  • Residential Projects: Data about the anticipated rents for the project’s market rate and affordable homes, and the incomes needed to afford them, which the land use applicant will supply; and
  • Non-Residential Projects: Data on jobs that the project is projected to create, broken out by sector or occupation, median salary , racial/ethnic composition, and educational attainment. The land use applicant will supply this data using coming NYC Planning-recommended data sources.

How to get involved

To request a training on the data explorer, or for questions and comments, please email EDDE@planning.nyc.gov.

Stay tuned here for information on weekly office hours where you can have one-on-one conversations with city planners about the data explorer.