Community Portal

Welcome to the Department of City Planning's new Community Portal!

Visit the new Community District Profiles to view data, maps, and other resources describing New York City’s 59 community districts. This web tool enables users to learn more about our City’s community districts through interactive graphics and maps that help illustrate each district’s built environment, socio-economic and demographic characteristics. It also includes a wealth of data and resources that can be easily downloaded in different formats.

New York City’s 59 community boards were created by local law in 1975, and each represents a community district. Community boards create opportunities for active participation in the political process and provision of services as community needs evolve and reflect New York City’s remarkable diversity. Community districts range in size from less than 900 acres to almost 15,000 acres, and in population from a little more than 50,000 residents to more than 200,000.

Visit the Community District Profiles and find out more about your community district!

City Planning's Community Portal