Step 3: Preparation of Land Use and Environmental Applications

Preparation of Land Use and Environmental Applications

Specific Standards and Guidelines for Certain Special Permit Applications

13-451: Additional Parking Spaces for Residential Growth in the Manhattan Core

Program Overview

The Manhattan Core Parking Guidelines were established to ensure that the right amount of parking spaces is being provided to support Manhattan Core businesses, residents and visitors, while also addressing the city’s sustainability objectives to encourage public transit use and reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The guidelines were informed by the PDF Document Manhattan Core Public Parking Study (2011), which identified recent trends in off-street parking as well as a number of deficiencies in the existing parking regulations. Many of the findings from the Study were used to develop the PDF Document zoning text amendment that the City Council adopted in 2013.

This special permit allows applicants to develop an off-site parking facility for a predominantly residential development or enlargement within the Manhattan Core

Application Data and Guidelines

The following information pertains to applications for a special permit for additional parking spaces in the Manhattan Core, pursuant to ZR 13-451:

Program Eligibility

The “Manhattan Core” includes Manhattan Community Districts 1 through 8, south of 96th Street on the East Side and below 110th Street on the West Side (excluding Governor’s Island and Roosevelt Island; see map above).

To qualify for the Special Permit, an applicant must show that:

  • the proposed number of residential off-street parking spaces is reasonable and not excessive in relation to recent trends within close proximity to the proposed development, and
  • the proposed ratio of residential off-street parking spaces to dwelling units does not exceed the as-of-right parking maximum ratios that would be applied to a parking facility within the Manhattan Core Community District where the proposed facility is located.

Detailed information about the required findings can be found in the application guidelines.