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Clerk's Office

OATH officially established its Office of the Clerk in 2016. Clerks in the Clerk's Office are responsible for assisting those respondents who come to OATH for in-person hearings or call OATH with questions about the status of their case or seek information about the options available to them. Clerks also manage the hearing calendar for the OATH Hearings Divisions.

OATH Clerks:

Updates on Citizen Award Payments:

Please note that eligible award requests that were submitted to OATH before November 1, 2022 have now been forwarded to the Comptroller for final processing unless (a) the award request is not yet eligible because the underlying penalty has not been paid, (b) the award request is deficient and/or is missing necessary documentation, or (c) the requestor has not submitted a valid vendor code. Inquiries regarding award requests submitted before the above date may be directed to, noting the date of the request in the subject line.

Award requests submitted on or after the above date are currently being processed by OATH. Further details may not be available for award requests submitted on or after the above date, so kindly limit any inquiries regarding the status of such award requests.

Contact the Clerk’s Office:

If you require assistance from the Clerk's Office, you can contact the office in the following ways:


By Phone: Call 844-OATH-NYC (844-628-4692)

In Person: Visit an OATH Hearing Center location

Avoid Scams! Please note that all emails that come from OATH have the email address of Any other communications that come from other email addresses like ones that have a or other commercial email address are not from OATH and should not be considered a communication from OATH. If you were contacted by someone misrepresenting themselves as an OATH employee, please contact the Clerk’s Office by email.