Long Term Services and Supports

What are long term services and supports?

Long term services and supports (also known as long term care) are a combination of medical and non-medical services that help and individual maintain independence or improve daily functioning and health. Services can be provided at home, in a community-based setting such as a senior center, community center or day care, or in a residential setting such as Assisted Living Residence, or in a nursing home.

What services and supports can NY Connects link me to?

Trusted staff will listen and work with you to determine what services would best support you and your individualized goals. Services may include: home care, caregiver support, care coordination, respite care, transportation, home delivered meals, or health insurance information. Staff may also suggest programs like NYS' Consumer Direction Personal Assistant Program or telephone reassurance.

How do I pay for NY Connects?

NY Connects is a free service that links you to long term services and supports. There are sometimes fees associated with the services staff provides information on which may or may not be covered by private health or long term care insurance, and certain public programs, e.g., Medicaid. NY Connects staff can help determine if you are eligible for any public benefits.

To find out more about long term services and supports: