Frequently Asked Questions

What is NY Connects?

NY Connects is a trusted place to get information about a variety of supports that can help you remain independent in your daily life; whether you want to live in your home, a nursing home, or other residential setting.

Is there a fee to use NY Connects?

There is no fee or costs related to calling NY Connects or visiting one of our offices.

Who can contact NY Connects for help?

NY Connects serves older adults and people of all ages with any type of disability, regardless of income level, wanting to know about long term care, services and supports in New York City. We can help:

  • Older adults
  • Children and people of any age living with a long term disability
  • Caregivers, and
  • Professional service providers working with someone in need of long term care, services and supports.

How can I get information from NY Connects?