St. Nicholas Houses and Todt Hill

Current Comp Mod Projects

Supported by the $450 million that was allocated by the City of New York in 2021 through the City Capital Action Plan, Comprehensive Modernization will begin with two NYCHA developments: St.Nicholas Houses in Harlem and Todt Hill Houses on Staten Island.

The developments were selected and funded based on myriad criteria, including their level of need across key pillar areas identified in the HUD Agreement (such as lead-based paint, leaks and mold) as well as the number of children under 6 and building size.

The engagement process, which formally kicked off with large resident meetings in November 2021 at Saint Nicholas and in February 2022 at Todt Hill, will continue through project completion and will feature informational sessions, resident association meetings, workshops, surveys, tours, technical assistance, and more — with NYCHA soliciting feedback at every stage to address the top concerns and priorities of residents.

Comp Mod
Overview Presentation

Saint Nicholas Houses

Community Visioning Report: English | Spanish

Todt Hill Houses

Community Visioning Report: English | Spanish

Resident Engagement

Large-scale construction can be disruptive, and residents may have concerns about this process.

Protecting NYCHA Resident Rights During A Comp Mod Project

  • NYCHA will fund a pool of technical advisors for residents, which residents can select from to help throughout the planning and construction process.

  • Residents’ feedback and input will drive engagement planning from the beginning and assist with selection of construction vendors.

  • Any temporary relocation required during construction will be collaboratively planned and determined as part of the resident engagement process. This will occur well in advance of the start of construction.

  • NYCHA will sign a Residents Rights & Temporary Move Contract with each tenant.

  • Residents will have the guaranteed right to return to the development after any temporary relocation, and full temporary relocation costs will be paid for by NYCHA.

NOTE: This list is not meant to be comprehensive; it’s intended to reflect alignment on several areas of discussion that have arisen out of the Comprehensive Modernization discussions.

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