Comprehensive Modernization

What Is Comp Mod?

As North America’s largest public housing authority, NYCHA owns more than 177,000 apartments in over 2,000 buildings across 335 developments throughout New York City’s five boroughs. These developments presently require more than $40 billion in capital investment due to decades of insufficient funding and deferred maintenance.

In 2019, NYCHA entered into an agreement with the federal government to remedy the deficient physical conditions in NYCHA developments. Under the agreement, the City will provide a total of $2.2 billion in incremental funding over the next five years for capital investments to address issues related to lead-based paint, leaks and mold, elevators, heat and hot water, and pests and waste management.

NYCHA’s Comprehensive Modernization (“Comp Mod”) program has been launched to effectively utilize available funding to holistically rehabilitate NYCHA’s campuses and buildings, improve building performance, enhance residents’ quality of life with improved living conditions, and preserve public housing for current and future residents.

NYC City Capital Action Plan

CCOP Letter

Comprehensive Modernization Consultant White Paper

Comp Mod Overview

Comprehensive Modernization of a property entails undertaking major renovations across building exteriors, multiple building systems, building and apartment interiors, and site and grounds improvements, through a single, integrated project. Through this program, NYCHA is developing enhanced resident engagement, project delivery, design, and construction methodologies to effectively modernize the Authority’s properties.

This approach will allow NYCHA developments to be renovated more quickly, at a higher quality, and with better value for money, while comprehensively addressing all compliance requirements and the broader needs of residents and community partners. A whole-of-development renovation approach – with extensive resident engagement and resident input from early on in each project – can bring NYCHA campuses into the 21st century.

NYCHA will continue to manage and operate the properties renovated through the Comp Mod program.

Comp Mod Map

Comp Mod Goals

The specific goals of Comprehensive Modernization include:

  • Bringing NYCHA buildings into compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations, including the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Agreement, and the need to adapt to climate change;

  • Completing integrated renovations of priority scope areas in one overall project over several years;

  • Involving resident associations and individual residents from the beginning, even before contracts, or projects are in place, to foster buy-in and mutual trust and ensure resident priorities and concerns are integrated into projects from inception;

  • Transforming sites, buildings, and apartments to accommodate the full range of residents, including those with limited mobility and an aging population;

  • Utilizing new, efficient technologies that decentralize mechanical systems and provide year-round climate control; and

  • Utilizing more efficient project delivery methods that can also increase quality of work and value for money, and support scaling of the program to a large number of sites over time.

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