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Housing Complaints

Residential Maintenance Complaints (Private Buildings)

You can make an anonymous complaint about a maintenance problem that is affecting an entire residential building. When reporting a problem in an apartment, you must provide your contact information.

Phone: Dial 311

Online Form for Maintenance Complaints

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Rent Stabilized Apartment Complaints

Call Department of Home and Community Renewal.

Phone: 718-739-6400

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NYCHA and Section 8 Complaints (Public Housing)

For complaints regarding NYCHA or public housing call the NYCHA Customer Contact Center.

NYCHA Section 8 Phone: 718-707-7771

NYCHA Customer Contact Center Website

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HPD Section 8 Complaints

To submit complaints or inquire about existing HPD section 8 vouchers.

HPD Section 8 Helpline: 917-286-4300

About Section 8

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Homeless Shelter Complaints

For complaints regarding shelters, contact the Office of the Ombudsman. The Department of Homeless Services (DHS) formed the Office of the Ombudsman to assist DHS constituents, as well as the public, to access a wide array of information and services.

DHS Ombudsman

Phone: 800-994-6494

If you feel like the DHS or the Ombudsman have not addressed your complaints, you may reach out to the Bureau of Shelter Services.

Division of Shelter Oversight and Compliance

Division of Shelter Oversight and Compliance Website

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Elevator or Escalator Complaints

Report an elevator that is out of service, dirty or has broken mirrors, glass or light fixtures.

Phone: Dial 311

File an Elevator or Escalator Complaint Online

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Mental Health Facilities and Program Complaints

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) should be contacted regarding general complaints. Persons seeking information about MENTAL HEALTH services or those wishing to voice a complaint about services provided by an OMH licensed or operated program are encouraged to call.

Office of Mental Health

Phone: 800-597-8481

New York State Office of Mental Health Contact Information

For complaints regarding abuse, call the Justice Center.

Phone: 855-373-2122

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Developmental Disabilities Complaints

For complaints regarding any programs for adults or children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, call OPWDD information line

Phone: 866-946-9733

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities Contact Information

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Homecare Complaints

For complaints regarding homecare or visiting nurses. This includes mistreatment and abuse.

  • Complaints for City Monitored Agencies: 929-221-0846
  • New York State Managed Care Complaints: 866-712-7197

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Nursing Home Complaints

For complaints regarding nursing home facilities, fill out the Complaint form online or call the Hotline.

Hotline: 888-201-4563

Nursing Home Complaint Form

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Nursing Home Transition and Diversion NHTD Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding the NHTD program call the RRDC complaint line: 347-466-1611.

If the subject of the complaint is the RRDC or another service within the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), NHTD waiver management staff will address the complaint or initiate a review of the matter. For such complaints, please call the NYSDOH NHTD Program: 518-474-5271

If you cannot make this call because it is a long-distance toll call for you, call your RRDC and ask them to request that the NYSDOH NHTD Program call you back.
NHTD Complaint Contact Numbers

RRDC Phone: 718-816-3555

RRDC or NYSDOH NHTD staff responsible for follow-up will contact the complainant to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and to advise that review of the matter is in process. The final determination will be communicated in writing to the person initiating the complaint, as appropriate and allowed by HIPAA confidentiality regulations. If the matter is determined to be a Serious Reportable Incident (SRI) by the RRDC, the complaint will be reclassified as an SRI and an investigation will be initiated by the responsible entity, e.g. Service Coordination agency, Service Provider (ILST, CIC). The RRDC will send a letter to the complainant advising them of the reclassification of the complaint to an SRI. Once resolved, the RRDC will inform the complainant of investigation findings as "Substantiated", "Disconfirmed" or "Inconclusive", and of any implemented necessary corrective and/or preventive action.

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Managed Long-term Care Complaints

Managed long-term care enrollees can ask certain government offices to investigate complaints. Depending on the type of health care plan involved and the kind of complaint, there are different agencies that can help. For general complaints about quality of services or difficulty receiving services contact New York State's Department of Health Bureau of Managed Long-term Care (NYSDOH).

NYSDOH Phone: 866-712-7197

For Medicaid recipients, contact the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (NYSTDA) to request a fair hearing. You do not have to file a complaint with your plan before you speak with or write to a government agent.

NYSTDA Phone: 800-342-3334

Full Managed Long-Term Care Complaint Process

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Department of Health Hospital Complaints

To initiate a complaint about a hospital or a diagnostic and treatment center, you may call the toll-free number 1-800-804-5447 or you may print and complete the Health Facility Complaint Form (DOH-4299) with Instructions

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City Commission on Human Rights Discrimination Complaints

The Commission on Human Rights enforces the New York City Human Rights Law and protects people who have experienced discrimination. They also assist folks in the process of negotiating reasonable accommodations in the areas of housing, employment, public services etc. For general questions, call the main number, 212-306-7450. To file a complaint, call the number for scheduling appointments, 718-722-3130.

City Commissioner on Human Rights Website

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New York State Division of Human Rights

Under the Human Rights Law in New York, every citizen has an "equal opportunity to enjoy a full and productive life." This law protects you from discrimination in areas such as employment, education, credit, and purchasing or renting a home or commercial space.

If someone feels they have been discriminated against they can file a complaint with the Division of Human Rights.  Once a complaint is filed, the Division of Human Rights will investigate and may present the case in a public hearing.

Phone: 888-392-3644

File a complaint on NYS Division of Human Rights Website

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Tenant Harassment Taskforce

The Mayor and Attorney General have created a taskforce to fight tenant harassment. Fill out the Tenant Harassment form and mail it to the Attorney General's office.

Phone: (800) 771-7755

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Public Advocate (Tenant Harassment Complaints)

The Public Advocate Office will be providing legal help for ANY tenant facing harassment, unfair rent increases, or unlawful eviction attempts.

  • Phone: 212-669-7250
  • Email the public

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ADA Complaint with Department of Justice

You can file an Americans with Disabilities Act complaint alleging disability discrimination against a State or Local government or a public accommodation (including, for example, a restaurant, doctor's office, retail store, hotel, etc.) online, by mail, or fax.

Complaint by Mail:
US Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Civil Rights Division
Disability Rights Section - 1425 NYAV
Washington, D.C. 20530

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Postal Office Complaints

For complaints regarding mail fraud or postal service, call 877-876-2455 or file a complaint online.

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Housing Court Resource Hotline  

Educates and empowers NYC tenants and small homeowners through Information Tables and a hotline. They can explain Housing Court and housing law, rent arrears assistance, and homeless prevention guidance. They also assist NYCHA tenants with an Information Table at 250 Broadway.

Phone: 212-962-4795

Housing Court Answers Website

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Housing Conservation Coordinators (West-Side Manhattan)

Housing Conservation Coordinators is a community-based, not-for-profit organization anchored in the Hell's Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan's West Side. HCC's dedicated legal services include full legal representation, pre-litigation advocacy, assistance in identifying and applying for public benefits like SCRIE and SNAP, support for consumer debt reduction, abuse prevention and redress, immigration services, and elder law including end of life directives.

Phone: 212-541-5996

Housing Conservation Coordinators Website

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