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Services for Jobseekers

Services for Jobseekers

NYC: ATWORK is an employment program that recruits, pre-screens, and connects New Yorkers with disabilities to jobs and internships with established business partners in both the public and private sectors. Participation in NYC: ATWORK is voluntary, and more importantly, self-driven. We offer guidance to improve hiring chances, but it is up to jobseekers to implement our tips and proactively look for opportunities.

Connect with NYC:ATWORK by completing the Job Seeker Referral Form or call 212-788-7559.

Services for jobseekers include:

  • Tips to tailor and strengthen resumes and cover letters
  • Mock interview preparation
  • Guidance on conducting an effective job search
  • Access to participate in employer-led job readiness workshops
  • Opportunity to network with prospective employers
  • Access to our Job Board
  • Information on using the 55a program for city government jobs
  • Support for up to one year after securing placement

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Do I qualify for the NYC: ATWORK program?

To be eligible for NYC: ATWORK, you must:

  • Have a documented disability
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Live in New York City
  • Be unemployed or underemployed
  • Have established career goals
  • Have resumes and cover letters and the ability to edit them
  • Have basic interviewing skills
  • Be motivated to conduct a job search independently

The best matches for NYC: ATWORK are those who use the program's guidance to improve their hiring chances.

How does our program work?

NYC: ATWORK Jobseeker Engagement Process

  • Complete Screening Form
  • Phone Screening
  • Attend Virtual Orientation
  • Complete Enrollment Paperwork
  • Meet one-on-one with an assigned Relationship Manager

Post Enrollment Process

  • Attend Job Readiness Workshops
  • Check Job Board regularly
  • Maintain contact with Relationship Manager about job search progress
  • Relationship Managers can provide support for up to one year after hire date.

Can I assign my Ticket to Work to NYC: ATWORK?

Do you receive SSI or SSDI? Do you know about Ticket to Work?

Ticket to Work (TTW) is a free, voluntary employment support program for individuals with disabilities who want to work and earn enough to become self-sufficient.

As an SSI/SSDI recipient, you have the option to use your ticket when you sign up with an Employment Network (EN), including NYC: ATWORK, the State vocational rehabilitation agencies, ACCES-VR or New York State Commission for the Blind. Take advantage of the TTW services and support you may need to find, obtain and maintain a job. Learn more about Ticket to Work.

Interested in city government employment through 55-a?

Did you know that 83% of city government jobs require you to take a civil service exam?

The 55-a program, Section 55-a of the New York Civil Service Law, allows the City to hire persons with disabilities for competitive positions they qualify for without having to take an exam.

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Be qualified to perform the duties for the position sought
  • Meet the education and/or experience for the position sought
  • Have a mental or physical disability documented through Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) or the New York State Commission for the Blind

To learn more about how NYC: ATWORK can assist you or your program participants in connecting to city government employment, please contact us about joining an upcoming 55-a/Civil Service 101 Information Session.

Resources for Jobseekers

NYC: ATWORK Job Readiness Resources

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