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Disability Access

Disability Access

Under Local Law 27 of 2016, City agencies are required to appoint a Disability Service Facilitator. The Disability Service Facilitator or "DSF" at each agency coordinates efforts to comply with and carry out the agency's responsibilities under the ADA and other federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning access to programs and services by persons with disabilities. These individuals are liaisons to New Yorkers with disabilities, connecting people with disabilities to City government.
To look up an agency DSF, see the full list of agency DSFs.

The DSF for units within the Mayor's Office, including MOPD, is:
Crystal Rivera
New York City Mayor's Office (DSF)
100 Gold Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10038

Voice Phone:212-788-2603
New York Relay users dial 711

ADA Notice of Rights and Grievance Procedure

Website accessibility statement

Five-Year Accessibility Plan

The Mayor’s Office is developing a Five-Year Accessibility Plan in accordance with Local Law 12 of 2023. MOPD is the mayoral unit responsible for ensuring that the Mayor’s Office’s plan is completed by the deadline.