Party Safety Tips

Tips to party safely in New York City

Get vaccinated and mask up:
If you haven’t already, get vaccinated or get your booster. Learn more:

Get + give consent and use protection:
It is necessary to get consent for any sexual interaction. Remember that consent can be reversible, and never feel bad for changing your mind about sex. Use condoms and dental dams to prevent the spread of STIs and consider using PrEP to prevent HIV. Learn more:

Be a good bystander:
Always be aware of your surroundings and know intervention tactics to prevent harassment or discrimination:

  • Direct: Respond directly to the person engaging in harassment
  • Distract: Interrupt to stop the harassment, such as by changing the subject
  • Delegate: Find a staff member or security guard to assist if you are uncomfortable engaging

Prevent overdoses:
There is currently an opioid overdose crisis in NYC. If you or your friends are using drugs, know these prevention tips:

  • Avoid using drugs alone or call the “Never Use Alone” hotline 800-484-3731
  • Start with a small dose and go slowly
  • Avoid mixing drugs
  • Test your drugs using fentanyl test strips
  • Be ready with NARCAN; Get from a pharmacy or ask if venue has it on hand
  • Call 911 for medical help

For help and support to stop using, call 888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) or 311 in NYC. Learn more:

Respond to an overdose:
Know the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose to help save a life:

  • A person is passed out and you cannot wake them up
  • They are breathing very slowly or making gurgling sounds
  • Their lips are blue or grayish color
  • Call 911 for medical help

Drink responsibly, and stay hydrated:
Don’t overserve yourself, make sure to eat before going out, and drink water throughout the night.

Check in on your mental health:
Check in with yourself and how you are feeling. Call the NYC Well 24/7 Talk.Text.Chat. helpline at 888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) or visit, to reach behavioral health professionals and get the services you need.

Nightlife industry workers can utilize the NYC Office of Nightlife’s ELEVATE Mental Health Initiative for free and affordable support at:

Watch your belongings:
There’s no need to bring everything you own when going out. To prevent loss, carry an ID, use a digital app to prove your vax status, and don’t leave your items like phone or bags unattended. Order your own drinks and don't leave them unattended.

Charge your phone:
Make sure to leave the house with a fully-charged phone, and bring a portable charger or USB plug with you.

Have a travel plan:
Ride with a friend. Let someone know where you are and if you are leaving with someone new. If you are hiring a car, check the license plate before you get in and ask them to say your name.