Drinks To-Go Guidance

Drinks To-Go: Guidance for Licensed Venues

What you need to know…

As of April 11, 2022, NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control Law contains new privileges for on premises licensees to serve liquor and wine "Drinks To-Go" for take-out and delivery. Several conditions apply to sales of liquor and wine for take-out and delivery as follows:

  • Alcoholic beverages MUST be packaged in a container with a secure lid or cap sealed in a manner designed to prevent consumption without removal of the lid or cap by breaking the seal;
  • Any purchase of wine or liquor for take-out or delivery MUST be accompanied by a purchase of a substantial food item;
  • The price per serving shall be the same as if consumed on premises and shall NOT be sold as part of any promotion unless such promotion is also available for consumption on premises. Each serving shall be available only in the same manner as available on premises;
  • Takeout and delivery of alcoholic beverages may only occur during licensed hours of operation;
  • Alcoholic beverages purchased for take-out or delivery in NYC are subject to the City’s and State’s laws on open containers containing an alcoholic beverage in a public place or in a vehicle in a public place;
  • The licensee shall NOT sell for take-out, or deliver, any bottles of liquor or bottles of wine;
  • The licensee shall NOT advertise or promote the sale of full bottles of wine or liquor for off-premises consumption;
  • The licensee shall NOT display full bottles of wine or liquor for the purpose of promoting the sale of such products for off-premises consumption.

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