Economic Opportunities for M/WBEs under Local Law 1 of 2013

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New York is committed to encouraging a competitive and diverse business environment—one that truly reflects the makeup of this City. The Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE) Program was created to address the disparity between City contract awards to specific ethnic and gender groups and the representation of those groups within the New York City regional market. Overall, the M/WBE Program, led by the citywide M/WBE Director, seeks to increase the contracting opportunities and participation among City-certified M/WBE firms.

In Fiscal 2021, the City awarded approximately $1.2 billion in combined prime and subcontract awards to City-certified M/WBE vendors, an increase relative to Fiscal 2020 ($1.1 billion). This represents a combined M/WBE utilization rate of 25.3% among contracts subject to the City’s M/WBE Program.1, 2 This signifies a decrease from the 27.9% combined utilization achieved in Fiscal 2020. The City continues to diligently work and partner with our City-certified M/WBE firms to help alleviate market disparities and provide necessary goods and services across the City.
Combined Prime and Subcontract M/WBE Total Award Values Over Time
  • 465.0 million dollars FY 2015
  • 696.5 million dollars FY 2016
  • 1.037 billion dollars FY 2017
  • 1.069 billion dollars FY 2018
  • 1.007 billion dollars FY 2019
  • 1.103 billion dollars FY 2020
  • 1.166 billion dollars FY 2021

1Section 6-129 of the New York City Administrative Code establishes Citywide participation goals for M/WBEs for standardized, professional, and construction services contracts, regardless of value, and for goods contracts valued under $1 million. These may include subcontract awards made on prime contracts awarded prior to July 1, 2013 that are not subject to the law.return to text

2Under Section 6-129(q) of the New York City Administrative Code (NYC Admin. Code), agencies are not required to set participation goals on the following types of contracts: (1) those subject to federal or state funding requirements which preclude the City from imposing goals; (2) those subject to federal or state law participation requirements for M/WBEs, disadvantaged business enterprises, and/or emerging business enterprises; (3) contracts between agencies; (4) procurements made through the United States General Services Administration or another federal agency, or through the New York State Office of General Services or another state agency, or any other governmental agency; (5) emergency procurements; (6) sole source procurements; (7) contracts for human services; and (8) contracts awarded to nonprofit organizations.return to text