About Franchises & Concessions

The Mayor's Office of Contract Services reviews and certifies agency compliance with the applicable laws and regulations for franchises and concessions. In certain circumstances, franchises and concessions are also subject to the approval of the Franchise and Concession Review Committee (FCRC).

  • Franchises are grants of the right to occupy or to use the City's inalienable property, such as streets or parks, for a public service.
  • Concessions are grants for the private use of city-owned property for which the City receives compensation.

The FCRC is comprised of the following officials or their designees: the Mayor; the Director of the Office of Management and Budget; the Corporation Counsel; the Comptroller; and one additional appointee of the Mayor. The Borough Presidents also serve as members of the FCRC. Each member of the FCRC holds one vote, except for the Borough Presidents, who share one vote, which is determined according to the location of the concession and/or franchise at issue.

Concessions are subject to Title 12 of the Rules of the City of New York, commonly referred to as the Concession Rules.

Additional Franchise and Concession Information

Interested in finding out what franchise or concession opportunities are available? Below are a number of additional resources on existing franchise and concession opportunities and general information for the New York City Departments of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Transportation, and the Office of Technology and Innovation: