Partnering with Nonprofits

Each year, the City of New York awards billions of dollars to nonprofit providers to deliver critical programs and services to over 3 million New Yorkers across the City, including our most vulnerable neighbors. MOCS supports these nonprofit providers by building and managing digital platforms that make it easier for them, especially small community-based organizations, to participate in City contracting and receive timely payment. We design solutions with and for our nonprofit partners and lead Citywide initiatives that further sector-wide goals.

Key Initiatives


Procurement Technology Innovation

The HHS Accelerator technology platform, managed by MOCS, was designed exclusively for the health and human service (HHS) sector to make it easier to do business with the City. Today, HHS Accelerator streamlines and enhances the management of financial processes for providers delivering direct services to clients and communities. Providers are paid within 4 median days of invoice acceptance.
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PASSPort, the City's Procurement and Sourcing Solution Portal, is digitizing the contract registration process - a long-standing goal of the HHS sector. PASSPort is saving providers time and effort by digitizing VENDEX disclosures, streamlining the HHS Prequalification application and centralizing all contracting activity.
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HHS Accelerator and PASSPort Need to Know

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HHS Cost Manual and Invoice Review Policy

Through collaborative efforts between nonprofits, City agencies, MOCS and the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, the City designed and adopted policies to standardize practice, create predictability and support business continuity.  The policies leverage PASSPort and HHS Accelerator technology to streamline efforts and centralize information and processes.
HHS Cost Policies and Procedures Manual
Standard Health and Human Service Invoice Review Policy

Equipment Purchase Inventory Report Template
Standard Invoice Review Policy Technical Assistance Webinar 12/18/2020

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Nonprofit Resiliency Committee

MOCS is a partner in the Mayor's Nonprofit Resiliency Committee (NRC), which gives the HHS nonprofit community a direct voice in designing the City of New York's business practices, policies, and technology solutions.
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City of New York Health and Human Services

Indirect Cost Rate Funding Initiative

New York City is the first major city to establish an indirect cost rate funding initiative to pay nonprofits' indirect cost rates. MOCS co-leads this initiative with the Mayor's Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
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City Council Discretionary Awards

Many nonprofits begin their business relationship with the City through the City Council Discretionary Award process. MOCS partners with City Council to manage procedural requirements. City Council Discretionary awards are now processed through PASSPort.
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Supporting Nonprofit Cash Flow

Providers with health and human service contracts are eligible for advance payments of at least 25% of their annual budgets, at the start of each fiscal year. These advances will be issued automatically upon contract registration and budget approval. Recoupment should occur no sooner than 6 months before the end of the contract period. The number of recoupment payments should at least equal the number of months of advance and should not be required through a single payment.

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In response to COVID-19, MOCS was a principal member of a centralized HHS Team, along with the Mayor's Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Together, we designed and implemented contracting, budgeting and financial policies to provide organizations with flexibility, business stability and cash flow during the shifting and dynamic environment.
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Returnable Grant Fund

MOCS manages the Returnable Grant Fund (RGF), which provides interest free bridge loans to qualifying nonprofit organizations.
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