City Council Application & Requirements

Nonprofit organizations that wish to receive discretionary funding must submit a Council Discretionary Funding Application. The application requests information about an organization's experience, qualifications, and integrity as well as, the project or service for which the organization is requesting support. The Council's website provides  information on the schedule for submitting applications; applications are generally available in January.

If the applicant is a new awardee or a new corporate entity, they must complete a Supplementary Application Form and are generally limited to $20,000 in discretionary awards.

All applicants must submit a Doing Business Data Form. If you have questions about the form, review our Q&A. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact the Doing Business Accountability Project via the MOCS Contact Form or email

To see if you received an award, please visit the NYC Council's Schedule C budget reports page.

City Council Discretionary Requirements

The City Council Discretionary Award clearance process has a number of steps to ensure that nonprofits receiving funds adhere to all applicable laws and City Council requirements. The City Council details its requirements in its Discretionary Funding Policies and Procedures manual, which is essential reading for any nonprofit that receives discretionary funding.