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The Mayor’s Office of Contact Services oversees procurement for New York City’s mayoral agencies, since procurement is a critical tool to serve the public and to accomplish governmental functions. New York City agencies contract with nonprofits to the tune of $16 billion, and 93% of human services contracts (by value) are registered with nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are a critical partner for our social service safetey net and play an important role in community development. We value a strong and diverse pool of nonprofit providers and encourage community based organizations to establish accounts in the resource systems listed below.

Procurement Plans

Contracting Agencies

HHS Accelerator

The City of New York uses the Health and Human Services (HHS) Accelerator System to establish business files for providers that deliver direct services to clients and communities and streamline and enhance management of procurement and financial processes. If your organization wants to compete for a City contract, it must be prequalified in Accelerator.

There are three steps to compete for contracts and manage proposals:

  1. Get Prequalified, by obtaining an approved Business Application and at least one Service Application.
  2. Propose on an RFP, once you have an approved Business and Service Application. View the HHS Accelerator System's Procurement tab to review Released and Planned RFPs as well as your Organization's eligibility status.

City Council Discretionary Funding

The City Council awards $250 million in expense funding every year to nonprofit organizations, in addition to awards for capital projects. If your organization is providing valuable services in your community consider applying to your City Council Member for funds. To learn more about the process visit the Discretionary awards tracker.

Funding for Cultural Organizations

The Cultural Development Fund (CDF) encourages qualifying cultural organizations to apply for grants from the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), which administers grants to over 880 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations each year.  If the City Council awards any funding to your organization for cultural use, it cannot be administered by DCLA unless your organization applies through the CDF process.

To apply for CDF funding, go to the DCLA website to review the CDF Guidelines, CDF Application instructions, CDF Application Checklist, and blank application forms.  

Loan Fund

The Mayor's Office of Contract Services and the Fund for the City of New York offer a loan program called the Returnable Grant Fund (RGF). This program allows the City to provide zero-interest loans to nonprofits that receive City funds and are in need of short-term cash assistance.

Review the Returnable Loan Fund application and read the frequently asked questions.

Payee Information Portal

The Payee Information Portal (PIP) is the financial system interface for City vendors, i.e. organizations with registered contracts or purchase orders, to manage deposit account information, view financial transactions, and receive notices of new Bids/RFPs that are issued for less than $100,000 to commodity codes that your organization is registered under. A PIP account is required to do business with the City.

City Record

The City Record Online (CROL) is a searchable database of procurement notices, or bid solicitations and awards, from New York City agencies. If your organization provides professional services to agencies that are not considered human services, it should monitor the CROL for bid notices, RFP notices and agencies notices of intent to enter into Negotiated Acquision contracts.

Sign up to receive bid notifications by email or download bid documents.

Contract with Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) also provides procurement opportunities for nonprofits interested in contracting with NYC. NYC DOE contracts with vendors to purchase the goods and services necessary to ensure that students receive the quality education they deserve. Current RFPs can be found on their website.