Legislative and Regulatory Reforms

Local Law 76 of 2020

In Fiscal 2021, Local Law 76 of 2020 was enacted to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, to require the creation of a public database to track the expenditure of funds in connection with COVID-19. This Local Law requires all agencies to track expenditures of federal, state and local funds to address COVID-19, including agency spending, city procurement contracts, grants and loans. The database must be updated on a quarterly basis.

For procurement contracts, the database includes: the awarding agency, the unit of appropriation, the budget code, the name and address of the contractor and, if known, subcontractors, the contract identification number, the purpose of the contract, the original contract value in dollars and any applicable contract modification value in dollars, the contract award method, the contract type, the contract start and end date and any revised contract end date, the original contract registration date and the registration date of any applicable contract modification, the status of any contractor and, if known, subcontractor, as an MWBE, the contract status, to the extent practicable the amount spent to date on the contract and, if known, subcontracts, and information on the value of the contract and, if known, subcontracts, eligible for reimbursement from a COVID-19 funds award.

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