Committee Agendas

September 2023

Proposed Committee Agendas | Subject to Change

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Housing Committee, Louisa Craddock and Tibita Kaneene, Co-Chairpersons

Monday, September 11th, 6:30 PM

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Presentation by Right to Counsel NY on State legislation pending (A.1493 S.2721 and A4993 S3245) to extend current City regulation to the State level and; City Council resolutions 499 and 345.

Transportation Committee, Andrew Albert and Mark Diller, Co-Chairpersons

This Committee will not meet this month

Bylaws Task Force, Jay Adolf, Chair

Wednesday, September 13th, 4:00 PM

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Discussion of bylaws.

Business & Consumer Issues Committee, Josh Cohen and Benjamin Wu, Co-Chairpersons

Joint with Transportation Committee, Andrew Albert and Mark Diller, Co-Chairpersons

Wednesday, September 13th, 6:30 PM

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  1. Recommendations to the DOT on the outdoor dining regulations.

Business & Consumer Issues Committee – 7:30 PM

New Application & Temporary Retail Permit

  1. 130 West 72nd Street(Broadway – Columbus Avenue.) New Application & Temporary Retail Permit to the State Liquor Authority for two-year liquor licenses by La Caridad 72nd d/b/a La Caridad Restaurant.

Preservation Committee, K Karpen and Madge Rosenberg, Co-Chairpersons

Thursday, September 14th, 6:30 PM

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1000 Fifth Avenue, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a certificate of appropriateness for the installation of a permanent display screen in the Great Hall. Directed by the City Charter mandate that Community Boards review matters prior to consideration by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Preservation Committee reviews the “appropriateness” of proposed changes to individually designated landmarks as well as to properties listed within the Upper West Side’s Historic Districts.

Parks & Environment Committee, Natasha Kazmi and Susan Schwartz, Co-Chairpersons

Monday, September 18th, 6:30 PM

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  1. Reconstruction of the concession and addition of pergola structure at Mineral Springs in Central Park, followed by a potential resolution.  Presented by Joy Gutierrez, NYC Parks Architect for Revenue & Concessions, and Richard Lewis Architects
  2. Update, followed by a potential resolution on, the reconstruction of:
    1. The Delacorte Theater and Public Restroom
    2. The Great Hill Public Restroom and the Delacorte Public Restroom.
  3. Discussion/update, followed by potential resolution, on two projects in Riverside Park:
    1. The reconstruction of the bluestone stairs in Riverside Park at West 91st Work will include in-kind replacement of the bluestone risers and pavement at the existing stairs connecting the pedestrian walkway at West 91st Street with the Hudson River waterfront.
    2. West 105th street staircase
  4. Discussion with Dironda Rodriques of the Central Park Precinct’s Community Affairs regarding communal issues and enhancing the welfare of our community.
  5. New Business.

Steering Committee, Beverly Donohue, Chair

Tuesday, September 19th, 6:30 PM

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  1. Chair update  
  2. District Manager update
  3. Chair reports including any agenda items for Full Board 
  4. Public Safety Restructuring discussion
  5. CB7 letter on Open Dining (To access the drafted letter, click on the title.)
  6. Old business 
  7. New business

Land Use Committee, Richard Asche, Chair

Wednesday, September 20th, 6:30 PM

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  1. 36 West 66th Street (Columbus Avenue and Central Park West.) Application BSA Cal #2023-25-BZY to the Boards and Standards of Appeal for an extension of time (§11-332) to complete construction and obtain a certificate of occupancy for a period of two year after April 28, 2024, of a development commenced under the prior zoning. C4-7 & R8 Special Lincoln Square District.
  2. 1991 Broadway, Bel Canto Condominium (West 67th & 68th) Application M790651GZSM to Department of City Planning by the Board of Managers of the Bel Canto Condominium requesting approval of the eighth (8th) proposed modification to a previously approved special permit for a covered plaza bonus approved pursuant to Section 82-10 of the 1980 Zoning Resolution.
  3. Presentation by Ethel Sheffer on Designing Streets that Work.
  4. Discussion of City Council Intro. 970 and Borough President "Shed the Shed Plan".

Youth, Education and Libraries Committee, Kristen Berger, Chairperson

Thursday, September 21st, 6:30 PM

Meeting Link:

  1. Update on new arrivals in district schools.
    • Speaker: Naveed Hassan
  2. Committee planning & schedule for new term.

Health & Human Services Committee, Sheldon Fine and Sonia Garcia, Co-Chairpersons

Tuesday, September 26th, 7:00 PM

Meeting Link:

  1. Lung Cancer Screening - Why You Should Get It and What It Entails.
    • Naya Haddad and Medha Naga, American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative Team Members

Unless otherwise specified, in-person and hybrid meetings are held at the Community Board office, 250 West 87th Street. The day of the meeting, details will be posted to the CB7 website.  Agendas are subject to change. To confirm the committee agendas, please visit Send comments to

Resolutions adopted at the committee meetings will be reported at the Full Board Meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, beginning at 6:30 PM, via Zoom.