All New Yorkers deserve fairness and respect when looking for or renting an apartment. Landlords cannot:

  • Refuse to rent an apartment because of someone’s immigration status, nationality, or religious beliefs
  • Post advertisements stating that certain types of tenants, such as immigrants or people from certain countries, are unwelcome
  • Fail to make adequate repairs or provide equal services to tenants because of their immigration status, nationality, or religious beliefs

If you are treated differently by a landlord because of your country of origin, your immigration status, religious beliefs, or accent, call 311 and say "Human Rights" to file a report with the NYC Commission on Human Rights.

Find Affordable Housing

Through NYC Housing Connect, you can apply for affordable housing in New York City.

Free Legal Representation to Prevent Eviction

If you are a low-income New Yorker at risk of being evicted you may be eligible to receive free legal representation in housing courts and community offices across the City.

Homeless Prevention

The NYC Department of Homeless Services' "Homebase" program can help prevent evictions, provide financial counseling, and help NYC residents apply for other resources to stay in their homes and avoid entering the shelter system.