File a Complaint

You can call 311 to make a complaint if you did not receive service from a city agency, office, or customer service center, because of the language you speak.
Interpretation is available for all the languages New Yorkers speak via 311.

All city agencies, offices, and customer service centers should be able to provide free interpretation to assist customers who do not speak English or who are more comfortable speaking another language.

Your case will not be hurt if you file a complaint. You can file a complaint no matter what your immigration status is.

You are not required to leave your name, if you want to be anonymous. If you do leave your name and address, the agency will send you a letter explaining what they have done to respond to your complaint.

It helps if you can provide this information when 311 takes your complaint:

  • What the problem was
  • When it happened
  • What agency you spoke to
  • Names of the employees you spoke to
  • Office address you went to or the phone number you called
  • Language you speak

You cannot make a complaint about private businesses or stores that did not help you in your language.