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Health Resources

GetCoveredNYC is NYC's official health insurance outreach and enrollment program. Complete the form to receive free health insurance enrollment assistance from a GetCoveredNYC Specialist. Many New Yorkers qualify year-round for low-or-no-cost options, including Medicare and Medicaid! Call 311 or text CoveredNYC (SeguroNYC en Español) to 877877 to speak with a GetCoveredNYC Specialist and receive free in-person enrollment assistance in your language.

Mammogram Services Locater
NYC Health + Hospitals facilities and neighborhood health centers offer mammograms for eligible, uninsured women at little or no cost.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Best Practices For Adolescent and Adults
This guide sets forth best practices for sexual and reproductive health. It focuses on contraceptive care and the prevention, screening, and testing of sexually transmitted infections and HIV. It is intended as a reference tool for health care providers in settings such as Primary Care, Family Medicine, Abortion Care, and Gynecology amongst others. Providers are encouraged to meet these best practices that place patients' unique cultures, experiences and preferences at the center of care.


NYC Health Map of LGBTQI-Knowledgeable Providers
This map provides the locations and information of healthcare providers around the City with the knowledge and ability to care specifically for LGBTQI patients. Clinics are searchable by the services they provide, including Gender Affirming Care, HIV Services, Primary Care, and Sexual Healthcare.

LGBTQI Healthcare Bill of Rights
In New York City, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person's sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression in public accommodations, including in health care settings. This guide outlines LGBTQI patients' rights.

HIV and AIDS Medication and Resources
This link describes the different medications available to treat and prevent HIV and where they can be found in NYC, along with information about HIV testing and how to practice safe sex.

Providing Primary Care to Transgender Adults
This study is targeted to health care providers and the best practices for providing primary care to transgender adults. The study focuses on how to create a welcoming environment for a transgender patient, health and social inequalities affecting the transgender community, gender related terminology, opening a dialogue about gender identity, and assessing mental health. Also included are the differences of primary care between transgender women and transgender men and gender affirming hormone treatment.

Tips for Transgender Women's Health
This health manual is targeted to transgender women and the appropriate medical care they should receive during transition. The manual covers how to be safe during transition, how to be protected from HIV, how to be treated for HIV, and various resources in NYC for transgender medical health and support. Health care rights are also outlined, since in New York, health insurance must cover treatments recommended by a doctor, including surgeries and hormone therapy.

LGBTQI Services and Resources Guide
This guide provides a comprehensive overview of services available for the City's LGBTQI community, from healthcare information to legal services, religious groups to recreation groups.

Family Planning

Birth Control Locater
Search by location to find a hospital or clinic offering birth control.

Birth Control Information
This link answers common questions about different methods of birth control, including costs and side effects.

Abortion Services Locater
Search by location to find a hospital or clinic offering abortion counseling and services. Services are confidential and open to all, regardless of immigration status.

Prenatal Care Locater
Search by location to find a hospital or clinic offering prenatal care. Prenatal care involves regular visits to a healthcare provider throughout pregnancy. Services are confidential and open to all, regardless of immigration status.

Child Health and Childcare Services

Breastfeeding Resources
This link provides breastfeeding information, including the benefits of breastfeeding and guides for new mothers. Employers will also find information on how to support breastfeeding employees.

Food for Women, Infants, and Children
The Women, Infants, Children (WIC) program provides healthy food for eligible pregnant women, mothers, and young children. You can also get information about other support services for prenatal care, breastfeeding, and nutrition.

Health Worker Home Visits for New Mothers
Through the Newborn Home Visiting Program (NHVP), the City provides assistance to new mothers living in certain areas of Bronx, Harlem, or Brooklyn. A health worker makes a one-time home visit to a new mother who has recently given birth. The health worker helps the mother with creating a safe home, breastfeeding, and accessing social services. The program also helps to identify families eligible to receive a free crib.

NYC Child Care Connect
NYC Child Care Connect is an online portal that includes a group child care center directory and a free messaging service that parents and caregivers can sign up for to receive notifications about specific child care centers. To compare child care centers, you can review recent inspection reports, violations issued, and staff turnover.

After School Programs
The City offers a variety of after school programs for school age children. You can drop in to some programs, but others require enrollment. The programs offer different activities such as academics, arts, music, or sports.

Mental Health

NYC Well Counseling Referral
NYC Well is the City's free confidential hotline for anyone seeking help for a variety of mental health or substance abuse issues. NYC Well is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained mental health professionals who can help assess your situation and provide treatment referrals. You can also get information about how and where to get medication (methadone and buprenorphine) to treat opioid dependence. Client information is confidential.

Mental Health First Aid
As part of the City's ThriveNYC initiative, the NYC Department of Health is offering free Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training to all New Yorkers, which can be signed up for online through this link. MHFA is a groundbreaking public education program that teaches the skills needed to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance abuse challenges and crises.
MHFA leads to:

  • Greater recognition of behavioral health challenges
  • Increased confidence in one's ability to help
  • Increased amount of help provided
  • Decreased stigmatizing attitudes while promoting inclusion

For Teens

You can get sexual health services at a clinic without your parents' permission or knowledge. Services are confidential, free or very low-cost, and open to all, regardless of immigration status.

Abortion Information and Services
Search by location to find a hospital or clinic offering abortion services especially for teens.

Birth Control Locater
Search by location to find a hospital or clinic offering birth control services especially for teens, where medical professional will help you pick the birth control method that's most effective for your lifestyle and family plans.

Emergency Contraception
Search by location to find free emergency contraception, also known as Plan B or the morning-after pill, at clinics for teens. These pills can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or birth control failure.

Gynecologist Referral
Search by location to find gynecology or women's health services at a clinic especially for teens. You can request an appointment for an annual gynecological exam or to treat a specific concern.

HIV Test and Treatment
Search by location to find clinics for teens that offer tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Pregnancy Test
Search by location to find where to get a free pregnancy test at a clinic especially for teens.

Youth Counseling and Services
Through Youth Connect, the City provides confidential and anonymous telephone or online assistance for youth, their families, and concerned service providers. They will provide referrals or simply listen to your problems. They provide information on delinquency prevention and youth intervention programs, employment, recreation, after-school programs, day care and more. In addition, they offer crisis intervention for runaways.

Dating Violence Prevention Workshops
The NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy provides workshops about dating violence and healthy relationships. The workshops are for teens and young adults ages 11-24, parents, and staff.

Employment and Business

Report Discrimination
If you believe you have been a victim of discrimination due to your gender, perceived gender, or sexual orientation, this form allows you to file a claim of the incident. This form covers discrimination in housing, employment, law enforcement, public places, lending practices, and other discriminatory harassment.

Women's Rights Fact Sheet
This guide outlines the different categories under which the NYC Human Rights Law protects women from discrimination. It provides example scenarios to help you determine if your rights have been violated.

Consumer Protection Tips for Women
Women face unique challenges in the marketplace and the City of New York created this resource to empower women to be informed consumers and thrive economically. These tips were created to educate women about:

  • Fraudulent employment agencies and predatory for-profit schools
  • Programs and services to build income
  • Predatory lending
  • Shopping for goods and services

Gender Pricing Complaint
You can file a complaint about retail service establishments that charge men and women different prices for the same service. Prices for services cannot be based on gender, although price lists may include other cost differences. For example, a dry cleaner cannot charge prices for "men's shirts" and "women's shirts," but may post prices based on physical differences between shirts, such as irregular sizes or other physical characteristics like sequins, ruffles, or fancy buttons.

Paid Sick Leave Information
Under New York City's Earned Sick Time Act (Paid Sick Leave Law), certain employers must give their employees sick leave. This link contains helpful information for both employers and employees.

Resources for Survivors of Violence

Human Trafficking Services Resource Directory
Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which victims are subjected to force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of commercial sex, debt bondage, or involuntary labor. This referral guide is a tool for service providers, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and victims. Information is organized alphabetically by organization name. Non-governmental organizations are listed at the beginning of the directory and government agencies are listed at the end. This resource directory includes an extensive list of service providers who offer medical, emotional, psychological, and legal help for trafficking victims.

Domestic Violence Survivors' Assistance
This link provides information on domestic violence hotlines and Family Justice Centers, where domestic violence survivors can get free and confidential assistance. Learn more about Family Justice Centers.

Domestic Violence Outreach Material
The City provides brochures, palm cards, posters, and other materials about domestic violence for education, outreach, and distribution. Materials are available in multiple languages.

Domestic Violence Resource Directory
The City of New York Resource Directory of Domestic Violence Services provides comprehensive information on services available to domestic violence survivors throughout the five boroughs. Before visiting or referring a domestic violence survivor to any of the organizations listed, you should first contact the organization to ensure that appropriate services are available.

Intimate Partner Violence Health Bulletin
The City provides a health bulletin about violence between intimate partners. The bulletin includes information about:

  • Recognizing intimate partner violence
  • Different forms of violence and abuse
  • Health effects of abuse
  • Safety planning and getting help

Sexual Assault Survivors' Assistance
The City accepts reports of sexual assault. This link also connects you to Safe Horizon, an organization that provides information, safety planning, counseling, emergency housing, transportation assistance and referrals to victims of sexual assault. Assistance is provided to both male and female victims. Safe Horizon will also assist you with the New York State Crime Victims Board application process, if you wish.

Order of Protection
The City's Family Court helps victims of domestic abuse file Orders of Protection against their abuser. Any family or household member may ask the court for an Order of Protection.

How to Help a Person Experiencing Abuse
This guide provides tips on how to help friends and others experiencing abuse seek services, acknowledge abuse, and get immediate help.