Pay Equity Public Hearing

On September 19, 2019 The NYC Commission on Gender Equity, Commission on Human Rights and Department of Consumer and Worker Protection hosted a Public Hearing on Pay Equity at the New York City Bar Association. We heard testimony from activists, experts and workers from a broad range of occupations and industries, including government service, international organizations, organized labor, domestic work, the sectors of technology, finance, construction, and others, about their experiences with pay inequities and the challenges they face in eliminating barriers to pay equity. Those who testified represented some of the City’s most vulnerable workers, including women in male dominated industries, people of color, and immigrants. The report, which summarizes over two hours of testimony, and 6 written submissions, outlines current pay equity protections on the federal, state, and city level and includes stakeholders’ recommendations for legislation and other specific actions that the City and employers can undertake to achieve pay equity.