Letter from the Executive Director


Access to food is a fundamental human right. It is our responsibility as a city to ensure that all residents have the ability and opportunity to access nutritious, affordable food through the systems and resources we deliver. While many factors – including national and even international dynamics – affect our local food system. We are committed at the local level to ensuring that all New Yorkers, regardless of where they live, their income level, age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, or immigration status, take full advantage of food that promotes individual and planetary health. With the initiation of the Food Forward Policy, our goal is to create a policy framework to reach a more equitable, sustainable, and healthy food system by 2031. 

We live in a time of increasing risk of climate change impacts on food systems near and far that New York and other cities depend on. New York is a recognized leader in acting in relation to climate, health and sustainability. New York is the first city to join Cool Food. A pledge to reduce the climate impact of the food we serve by shifting towards more plant-based food. It is a credible and proven way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Our office considers our food system a critical arena for urgent action that connects food with these priorities. 

I am thrilled to serve as the Executive Director of The Mayor’s Office of Food Policy as we strive to improve the food systems, we all depend on. 

-Kate MacKenzie, MS, RD, Executive Director, The Mayor’s Office of Food Policy