Window Guards: Prevent Falls

Window Guards Prevent Falls

Every year, children are badly hurt or killed; falling from windows. Even a fall from a first-floor window can kill a child. Window guards help prevent injury and death. By law, owners of buildings with three or more apartments must supply, install, and maintain window guards in any apartment where children 10 years of age or younger live.

Ask your landlord to install window guards if you don't have them. Even if you don't have a young child, if you ask for guards, the landlord must install them. This is a very good idea if children often visit your home.

Landlords may charge for window guards if you live in a rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment. The landlord may collect a surcharge not more than $10.00 per window guard, which can be paid at one time or in equal monthly installments over a period of up to three years.

It's against the law to get in the way of the installation or take required guards from the windows. If you have any problem getting your landlord to install window guards or if they seem loose and are not fixed, call 311 to complain.

Window Guards: They Save Lives, They're the Law (PDF)
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