Pregnancy Health: Nutrition

For a heathy baby and a healthy you eating well is very important. Creating healthy eating habits will also lead to better health throughout your life and your child's life.

Eat more fresh fruits (oranges, apples, mangos) and vegetables(broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflour, collard greens and kale)

Other great choices are:

  • wheat breads and cereals
  • cheese and yogurt
  • chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans
  • dried fruits (like raisins and prunes)
  • unsalted peanuts and other nuts
  • protein (fish, chicken, tofu)

Have at least eight glasses of water or liquids a day.

  • milk (skim or lowfat is best)
  • unsugared fruit juice
  • or water

Cut down on:

  • sugar and salt
  • fat
  • fried foods

Stay away from:

  • alcoholic drinks (like beer, wine,wine coolers and liquor)
  • soda (regular and diet), coffee and tea
  • junk food (like potato chips, cookies, and candy)
  • fried and fatty foods.