Carbon Monoxide

When fires start in the middle of the night, sleeping people often inhale a great deal of smoke, which can make them pass out and unable to escape. It is the carbon monoxide in the smoke which causes people to pass out, as well as causing lung and other damage. Carbon monoxide can also come from stoves, clogged chimneys, and boilers.

Since carbon monoxide is colorless and has no odor, you won't know if you have a problem. That is why having a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home will help to warn you of smoke and fire before it is too late.

You Can Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
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Did you know?

  • Most fire deaths occur at home.
  • Most occur in homes with no working smoke detectors.
  • Landlords must install smoke detectors in multiple-dwelling apartment buildings, but it is your responsibility to maintain them, by making sure the batteries are working and testing the detector from time to time.

Why take a risk? Install smoke detectors--they really do work. If your landlord does not install a detector, call 311.

For questions or to report exposure to carbon monoxide, call the NYC Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222 . Poison specialists are available 24 hours/days a week.

If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off, leave your home, get to fresh air right away, call 911 first, and then call the NYC Poison Control Center.

To report heating breakdowns, gas leaks or housing maintenance problems in rental housing, call 311.

FDNY Tips to Save Your Life & Property from Fire & Smoke