Childcare Services

Call 311 and ask for Day Care to find licensed child care facilities and if you are eligible for free services. You can also ask relatives, friends, and neighbors for advice.

Ask questions:

  1. What languages are spoken?
  2. What are the hours? Are weekends available?
  3. Can you walk in any time? (The answer should be 'yes'!)
  4. Do you need to bring diapers or other supplies?
  5. What are the fees? Lower-income families may be eligible for free or low-cost child care or an income tax credit (call 311 to see if you qualify).
  6. Is the staff safe for children?
    • Staff, volunteers, and household members of in-home sites who are 18 or older must undergo a criminal and child abuse/maltreatment background check.
    • Staff must be in good health (certified by a health care provider) and get a medical checkup.

- Tips on Choosing a Licensed Child-Care Service

- Choosing Child Care in New York City
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- Find NYC inspection information for Child Care organizations .

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