Choosing a Babysitter/Caregiver

Be sure the babysitter you chose:

  • Is an adult, not another child
  • Is well known to you
  • Has experience taking care of babies and young children (she may have children or grandchildren of her own)
  • Is patient and mature enough to deal with a fussy, overexcited, or crying baby
  • Understands that young children must always be watched
  • Will never shake, hit, yell at, make fun of, or withhold food from your child as punishment
  • Does not smoke, abuse alcohol or drugs, or carry a weapon and will not take your child to be with people who are drinking, using or selling drugs, or carrying weapons
  • Is not using a prescription medication that has bad side effects or makes her drowsy

Trust your instincts. If you have the slightest feeling that this person will not be a good caregiver, DON'T leave your child with her or him.