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NYC Well

NYC Well is your connection to free, confidential crisis counseling, mental health and substance use support, information and referrals. You can reach the toll-free help line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, text and online chat. Behavioral health professionals there can link you to the services you need.

To contact NYC Well, call:

  • 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355)
  • 1-888-692-9355 (Español)
  • 1-888-692-9355 (繁體中文)
  • 711 (TTY for hearing impaired)

You can also reach NYC Well by texting “WELL” to 651-73, or visit their web site for more information.

NYC Well counselors are available 24/7. They can provide bilingual help in Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese. Additionally, NYC Well offers translation services in more than 200 languages.

Health insurance is not required. Depending on your phone/text service, you may be charged a fee.

When to Contact NYC Well

One in five New Yorkers suffer from a mental health problem or substance use disorder, and too many go untreated. Mental illness and substance use disorders are both treatable, but only if those in need can connect to care. NYC Well is an easy starting point for New Yorkers to find mental health and substance use support.

NYC Well could help you or someone you know if you are:

  • Worried about the negative impact drugs or alcohol are having.
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and struggling with daily activities.
  • Looking for mental health or substance use providers in your area.
  • Having thoughts about hurting or killing yourself.
  • Concerned about changes in the behavior of someone you care about.


NYC Well's counselors and peer specialists are trained to listen to you and provide the following services:

  • Short-term counseling
  • Suicide prevention and other crisis intervention
  • Peer support
  • Information and referral

Short-term Counseling

Short-term counseling can provide support, coping strategies, and techniques for maintaining healthy living while you wait to receive longer-term care. Short-term counseling can vary in frequency and length depending on the need.

Suicide Prevention and Other Crisis Intervention

NYC Well may conduct risk assessments to determine the appropriate crisis intervention service, including:

Peer Support

Peer Support Specialists have been trained to use their own experiences with mental illness and behavioral health care to support others through difficult or crisis situations. Peer Support Specialists provide appropriate, compassionate and effective support, crisis diversion and information and referral. This service is intended for callers who specifically request peer support or otherwise may benefit from the service.

Information and Referral

NYC Well will provide information and referrals for a variety of mental health and substance use services. Referrals are determined based on the specific needs of the individual — including the most convenient location, language needs and insurance requirements.

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