What to Expect at the Clinic

It’s ok to be nervous (or not!) about going to the doctor.

Watch videos of teens visiting a clinic and getting sexual health care

Here are some things to expect at your visit:

  • If it’s your first time there, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork and may be asked for an ID.
  • You may be told services are confidential.
  • Even if services will be free, you may be asked about insurance. And some places will actually help you sign up for the free Family Planning Benefit Program which pays for sexual health care confidentially!
  • If you have any doubt about confidentiality or cost, just ask!
  • In a private exam room, a doctor or other health care provider will ask you some personal questions about your health and sexual activity. It may feel awkward but be honest so they can help you.
  • This is also a time when you can ask questions and share any concerns you have about sex, your body, condoms, birth control, STDs, etc.
  • For some services, you may be asked to pee in a cup and/or have an exam. In some places, you can get condoms and another birth control method before you leave. In other places, you’ll get a prescription to take to the pharmacy.

Tips for your visit:

  • Bring along a friend or an adult you trust like a parent, older sibling, or family friend.
  • Find what’s right for you. If you are not happy, ask to see another provider or try another clinic. Keep looking until you find a good match. Same goes for condoms and birth control. You deserve it!

Search for a clinic, call 311, or text 311NYC (311692)

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