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Welcome to HOME-STAT— Homeless Outreach & Mobile Engagement Street Action Teams— the most comprehensive street homelessness outreach effort ever deployed in a major American city.

What is HOME-STAT?

HOME-STAT partners existing homeless response and prevention programs with new innovations designed to better identify, engage, and transition homeless New Yorkers to appropriate services and, ultimately, permanent housing. HOME-STAT includes:

Proactive Canvassing

What it is: A proactive weekly canvass of every block in Manhattan from Canal to 145th Street, plus hot spots in other boroughs, to identify people in need of services and inform the City’s contracted Street Outreach Teams.

How it’s different: HOME-STAT canvassing provides a consistent, weekly look at daytime conditions of street homelessness, unlike traditional counts that are conducted overnight. HOME-STAT canvassing helps to connect people in need to skilled outreach providers and supplements the public's requests for homeless outreach assistance.

Quarterly Nighttime Counts

What it is: The addition of three comprehensive nighttime counts of New Yorkers living on the streets, on top of the official, federally mandated winter Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) Count.

How it’s different: HOME-STAT’s new nighttime counts—one each in Spring, Summer and Fall—will supplement the HOPE Count to provide a more complete, year-round picture of street homelessness in the City.

Outreach and Citywide Case Management

What it is: A citywide effort to ensure that individuals identified through HOME-STAT and the City’s contracted Street Outreach Teams get the services they need.

How it’s different: HOME-STAT is a multi-agency effort designed to address complex, citywide barriers to reducing street homelessness. HOME-STAT holds the City – not just a single agency – accountable for outcomes.

Daily and Monthly Public Dashboards

What it is: A daily public dashboard that maps 311 service requests from the public. A monthly dashboard reports on aggregate outcomes, conditions and performance.

How it’s different: These dashboards offer a consistent, transparent and broad set of data about street homelessness and the City’s responses to it. This unprecedented effort will help the public as well as decision-makers track our efforts in reducing street homelessness and improving lives for our fellow New Yorkers.

For more information about our methodology, see Data Notes.

If you see someone in need of
homeless assistance,
call 311 or use the 311 Mobile App.

Give the exact location of the individual and time you observed them. Provide details about the person’s appearance (such as age, gender, ethnicity, clothing, physical condition), behavior, and other distinguishing characteristics.

The Department of Homeless Services’ contracted Street Outreach Teams will attempt to locate the person, based on the information you provide, within an average of 1 hour. The Street Outreach Teams will offer services such as a bed in transitional housing and assistance in gathering vital documents, applying for public benefits, and receiving permanent housing.

In case of emergency, dial 911.

Download the 311 data on NYC Open Data