Before preparing a submission for a pedestrian bridge, please review the Public Design Commission's General Information on Pedestrian Bridges. Checklists should be used to ensure that submissions are complete and included with submission packages.

Conceptual Review

Conceptual review and approval is required for all buildings, major infrastructure, master plans, other large-scale or complex projects, and projects that are subject to the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). Submission should be made early in the design process when drawings are at the pre-schematic level. For projects that are subject to ULURP, submission should be made at or around the same time as the Department of City Planning inter-divisional meeting.

Conceptual Review Submission Checklist for Structures

Preliminary Review

Preliminary review and approval by the Commission occurs at the end of the schematic design phase. If significant design changes are made during design development subsequent to preliminary approval, the project must be submitted for committee review and approval prior to proceeding to final review.

Preliminary Review Submission Checklist for Structures

Final Review

Final review and approval occurs at approximately 90% completion of design. Once final approval is received, construction can begin.

If any changes to the approved design must be made during construction, the revisions must be submitted for committee review.

Final Review Submission Checklist for Structures

Example Slides for Structures

Preliminary and Final Review

On a case-by-case basis, for projects with limited scope or that have been reviewed favorably by a committee, staff may accept submissions for preliminary and final approval simultaneously.

Preliminary and Final Review Submission Checklist for Structures

Final Sign-off

Final sign-off occurs at the substantial completion of a project and requires the submission of digital and physical photographic documentation. Photographs must clearly and comprehensively show the completed project so that the Commission can confirm that a project was built as approved. Photographs should be printed in color on 8.5” x 11” photographic or archival paper and labeled on the back with the project title, view, and Department of Buildings job number (if DOB sign-off is required).