Artwork Relocation or Conservation

Any conservation, restoration, repair, alteration, replication, removal, or relocation of any City-owned artwork must be submitted to the Public Design Commission for preliminary review and approval before the work begins. All projects are reviewed by the Commission’s Conservation Advisory Group (CAG), a team of conservators and art historians who advise the Commission. Checklists should be used to ensure that submissions are complete and included with submission packages.

Conceptual Review

For complex projects or when additional guidance is needed, proposals can be submitted for committee review before request for proposals (RFPs) are completed and/or before a conservation team is on board.

Preliminary Review

Preliminary approval occurs after a conservation/relocation team is chosen and has examined the artwork. Site visits and mock-up reviews are often required as conditions of preliminary approval. Any changes to the approved proposal must be submitted to the Commission for committee review before the work is done.

Preliminary Review Submission Checklist for Artwork Relocation or Conservation

Final Review

Final reports and photographic documentation are submitted for final review and approval after the work has been completed.

Final Review Submission Checklist for Artwork Relocation or Conservation