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How Do You Take an Exam?

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Once you have applied to take an exam and paid your fee, here is what you can expect.

Scheduled exams taken on specific dates at our testing centers are scheduled in advance, and admission notices are mailed two to three weeks before the testing period. The admission notice provides the test date, location, and other information.

Self-scheduled exams can be scheduled and taken at one of our testing centers at your convenience. The admission notices are sent immediately via email after the application is submitted and include additional information.

Education and experience exams (EEEs) can be taken online during the application process and require candidates to input their education, work experience, and relevant credentials.

For more information, you can download the EEE Completion Checklist of steps to apply for and submit your education and experience exam.

What if You Are a Person With a Disability?

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The City of New York is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to employing qualified individuals with certified disabilities. Our citywide 55-a Program allows qualified candidates with certified mental or physical disabilities to be hired for competitive class positions without taking a civil service exam.

If you are a person with a disability, you can apply directly to open positions in the competitive class by requesting 55-a Program consideration on your resume and cover letter. Candidates are also encouraged to contact the Mayor's Office for People With Disabilities for employment assistance.

We also offer special testing accommodations, such as a large print format, audio versions, or additional time, to those who need it. Testing accommodations information can be found in our special circumstances guide.

Things to Consider?

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Each Notice of Examination provides detailed information about the exam and the position you are considering. You will find information on the duties of the job, how to qualify, and what areas will be covered on the test.

Typically, you will need to take an exam online or in one of our testing centers in each of the five boroughs. This notice is the best source of information about each exam and includes the job description, required qualifications, and test formats, so it is very important to read the notice of examination completely before applying.

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