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How Do You Get Your Results?

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For multiple-choice exams taken on a computer, we will provide you with immediate, tentative results at the end of your test. For multiple-choice exams in paper and pencil format, we will publish your results in our Online Application System dashboard later.

For education and experience results, the process varies. Some education and experience tests will provide you with immediate, tentative results once you finish the exam, while others will post your results on your dashboard at a later date. Once scores are official, we post the list of all candidates who pass, ranked in order of score. Finally, we mail your official results, when the results list is established.

You can call (212) 669-1357, log into your account online in the Online Application System, or visit our open data portal and search “civil service exams” to check the status of an exam or list. Scores remain active for up to four years.

You Passed! Now How Do You Get an Interview?

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When a City agency has an opening, the list of candidates is sent to city agencies. The city agency then schedules interviews, based on candidates’ ranking by score. When your turn comes up, the agency sends a call letter, which is your formal invitation to interview.

It is important to respond to these letters, even if you need to decline the interview. If you do not respond, your name may be taken off the list of candidates, even if you passed the exam. These invitations to interview indicate detailed information about the job, including where it is located, and they tell you where the interview will take place.

What if You Disagree With Your Results?

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For all multiple-choice tests, you have the opportunity to challenge the exam answer key during a protest review session. You can obtain more information about the protest review session and the process in our protest procedures. In addition, you will also be able to appeal the score for any of the tests that make up your examination.

For more information on the appeal process, you can download the Appeal Completion Checklist of steps to appeal your score through the Online Application System.

Keep Us Informed

Make sure to keep your contact information, name and social security number up to date so you can receive current information about your exam.

  • For candidates: You can update your contact information through our online application system by logging into your account > click on dashboard > click on profile
  • For City employees: Please update your contact information through our employee self-service system
  • For name and social security number updates: Please complete the data correction form and submit it according to the instructions

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