What Consumers Need to Know:

Long hours and toxic chemicals make nail salon work difficult. Customers can follow the tips below to help make salons better places for everyone.

  • Ask your salon to carry non-toxic products. These are better for you and the nail technician.

  • Don’t be offended when technicians wear gloves or masks—in fact, you should encourage them! Technicians wear safety gear to prevent sickness, not because of it.

  • Ask your technician to keep bottles closed when not in use. This will minimize exposure to chemicals.

  • Ask the salon to turn on fans or their ventilation system.

  • Remember, patience and politeness go a long way in creating a respectful work environment.

  • Tip in cash when possible and give your tip directly to your technician.

Additional Information for Consumers

In May 2015, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a multi-pronged effort to reform the nail salon industry in New York State. This reform aims to correct and prevent unlawful practices and unsafe working conditions. Learn more by visiting ny.gov