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Cultural Events Portal

This cultural events portal will assist art and cultural institutions by providing information about available city programs, eligible open spaces to host events, and links on where to apply for outdoor permits.

If cultural institutions would like to host an event on a city street or plaza, applicants may apply for a street event or plaza event through SAPO. If a cultural institution is interested in hosting their special event within a park, they may apply through Parks, Brooklyn Bridge Park, or Hudson River Park Trust. Icons below link to the e-apply websites where cultural institutions can apply for event permits through each agency.

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Public Space Map

This interactive map allows cultural institutions to search for available public spaces to host outdoor events. Utilize the filter feature to highlight specific agency properties and event types.

Please note for clarity, that regular SAPO streets which are not depicted in this map. If you wish to apply for a street that is not depicted, you may go directly to the SAPO e-apply.

Locations Depicted in Map:

  • SAPO Plazas permitting locations
  • DPR special event permitting properties
  • BBP special event permitting properties
  • HRPT special event permitting properties

The Open Culture Program

Pursuant to Local Law 8 of 2021, the Open Culture program has ended as of March 31st, 2022. However, cultural groups have many opportunities to apply for outdoor events through the Street Activity Permit Office's other permit types. Depending on the elements or nature of your event, it may be categorized as a civic, charitable, or commercial event. You may have waived or discounted permit fees if your event qualifies as a civic event or charitable event. Please reach out to with any questions or for guidance on applying for your event permit.

  • Non-profit organizations who wish to hold an event without fundraising or sales can apply for a Street Event or Plaza event and may be eligible to receive a civic designation. Civic events include, but are not limited to, artistic/cultural performances or educational gatherings that support the mission of the sponsoring non-profit organization. If an event is determined to be civic in nature and the event is applied for by or sponsored by a non-profit organization, the only fee due will be the application fee.
    • If your organization does not have a non-profit status at this time, you may obtain sponsorship from a non-profit group and co-apply for the event.

  • Non-profit organizations that wish to collect donations or raise money at an event can apply for a Street Event and may be eligible to receive a charitable designation. A charitable event is an event in which the sole purpose of the street activity is fundraising, donation of goods, or provision of free services to the community by or for a specific non-profit organization. If an event is determined to be charitable in nature and a non-profit organization sponsors the event, the event will be reassessed at 20% of the fee category of the event based on the size and function. Please see the Street Event fees.

  • Applicants who wish to promote a commercial product or service can apply for a Street Event or Plaza event and will be designated as a commercial event. A commercial and promotional event is a street or plaza event that promotes, advertises, or introduces a product, corporation, company, or other commercial entity, brand, good, or service to the public.

Insurance Requirements

  • Commercial general liability insurance with a minimum of $1 million per occurrence naming the applicant as insured.
    • Additional Insured: The City of New York, including its officials and employees, must be covered as additional insured.
    • Certificate Holder: The certificate holder should be listed as "City of New York c/o Street Activity Permit Office, 253 Broadway, New York, NY 10007."

  • Insurance Hardship Waiver: Applicants that cannot afford insurance can include a letter addressed to the SAPO Director seeking a hardship waiver.

Site Plan and Run of Show Templates

  • Applicants must submit a site plan and run of show which must include:
    • Site plans must include:
      • 15 foot emergency lane
      • All elements being placed on the street clearly labeled
      • Fire hydrants
    • Run of show must include:
      • Set up and break down times
      • All programming with names of artists, musicians, and guests
      • Any other scheduled activities
  • Please click the following links for the Site Plan Template, a Sample Site Plan, the Run of Show Template, and a Sample Run of Show. Please note, using the templates provided is not mandatory.

See all SAPO event types.

Other Programs and Resources

DOT Art Logo

DOT Art & Event Programming commissions and oversees the installation of temporary public artwork on NYC DOT property throughout the five boroughs. Information on applying for this art program


The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) is the largest municipal funder of culture in the country and is committed to providing access to art and culture for all New Yorkers. Information on cultural funding

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