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Any complaint that involves a municipal service can be reported to the District Office.

We strongly encourage the use of the City's 311 system for reporting routine maintenance requests including but not limited to potholes, tree pruning, missing or damaged signs, street light malfunctions, and clogged catch basins. To file a 311 complaint or service request call 311, or use the 311 online portal. Record the confirmation number so that you can check the status of your service request later on.

File a 311 complaint online

Visit this site to access 311 most popular complaint services.

For complicated service requests or complaints that do not conform to the 311 script, email us at Call the District Office at (718) 643-3027. Fax us at (718) 624-8410. Write to us or visit our District Office at 250 Baltic Street in Cobble Hill during regular business hours.

For New York State issues contact your state elected officials to receive guidance on which agency to contact.

For Federal issues contact your federal officials to receive guidance on which agency to contact.

Visit the NYS Board of Elections website to find out who your state and federal elected officials are.