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Marriage License
Find out how to get a marriage license from the City Clerk.
Marriage License Amendments
Request amendments or changes to a marriage license through the City Clerk's office.
Marriage Officiant Registration
Find out how to register as a Marriage Officiant with the City of New York.
NYC Human Rights Law
Title 8 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, the NYC Human Rights Law, is available in HTML or PDF format through the Commission on Human Rights.
New York City Laws
The New York City Laws website gives the public access to read the Charter, Administrative Code, and rules of the City of New York.
New York Court System
Learn about the court system that serves the five counties of New York City.
Notary Publics
Notary publics are "commissioned" (i.e., licensed) by the Secretary of New York State. An applicant for a notary public commission must submit to the Division of Licensing Services an original application and $60 fee. The application includes an oath of office, which must be sworn and notarized.
PINS (Persons in Need of Supervision)
Uncontrollable children, or those who need more supervision than the parents can provide, may enter foster care if a parent brings a PINS (Person In Need of Supervision) petition before the Family Court; learn more from ACS.
Posting Bail
The Dept. of Correction posts answers to frequently asked questions related to posting bail.
Probation Department and Adult Services
The Department of Probation provides investigation, supervision, restitution collection, and other services related to the trial and conviction of defendants in New York City.
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