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American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
Looking for a pet? Found a stray? Need nutritional information? The ASPCA can help.
Animal Bite Monitoring/Rabies Surveillance
Get important information from the Department of Health about rabies surveillance and animal care and control.
Animal Care and Control Services
New York City's Animal Care and Control Services provides adoption opportunities, volunteer resources, spay and neutering information, and field services for animal pickup.
Animal Law Enforcement/Nuisance Complaint
Call to complain about many animal-related nuisances, including the Leash Law, the Waste Law, and the Canine Nuisance Law.
Dog License Application
Download and print this form to register for a dog license from the City.
Dog Runs
Dog runs allow city dogs to play and interact with other dogs off-leash. Find a facility near you.
Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals
This nonprofit has formed an alliance with the City to develop creative solutions to animal care and control issues in New York City.
Ready New York: Pets Guide
Download tips from the Office of Emergency Management on how to keep your pet safe in case of emergency.
Report Lost, Stray, or Found Animals
Call 311 to report finding or seeing an animal that may be abandoned, lost, or has strayed from its owner.
Veterinary Public Health Services
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has a variety of publications on animal-related issues.
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