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Identify requirements and find forms and applications related to starting a business in New York City.
Department of Buildings: Permits and Applications for Construction and Repairs
In order to construct or have repairs done on a building, specific applications and permits must be filed through the Department of Buildings (DOB). Learn about these requirements on DOB's Web site.
Business License Applications
The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) issues licenses in more than 55 different business categories, from home improvement contractors to sidewalk cafes and debt collection agencies to second-hand dealers. Visit the license application Web page to learn which businesses need a license from DCA.
Waiver of the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act Application (PDF)
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) processes waivers of the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act. A bar, a bar with a separate smoking room, or a health care facility operating legally for one year before and one year after July 24, 2003, may be eligible to apply for the waiver to continue offering a smoking area. For more information, read the complete requirements on the application.
CityRacks Bicycle Parking Rack Request Form
The Department of Transportation (DOT) offers CityRacks, a program that provides free sidewalk bicycle parking racks to encourage cycling for commuting, short trips, and errands. Businesses wishing to take advantage of this program can submit a CityRack request through this DOT Web page.
Parking Permits
The Department of Transportation (DOT) issues parking permits for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and New York City residents with disabilities to allow them to park in designated areas. Visit DOT's e-Permits page, which allows users to apply for and renew permits online.
Permittee Registration Application - Roadway, Sidewalk, and Street Construction (PDF)
Before a business can apply for a Roadway / Sidewalk permit for any street construction, it must complete the Permittee Registration application through the Office of Permit Management. Upon completion and submission of proper insurance, businesses receive a permittee number that can be used for all future permit applications.
Roadway and Sidewalk Construction Permits (PDF)
The Department of Transportation (DOT) issues over 150 different types of construction permits, from street openings to sidewalk construction to canopy permits. Visit the permits Web page to complete the appropriate application(s) for construction projects.
Vehicle Permits for Commercial Use (Express Lane and Oversize/Overweight)
The Department of Transportation issues Express Lane permits - enabling ambulettes, commuter vans, shuttles, and other mass transit fleets to use high occupancy vehicle lanes - and oversize/overweight vehicle permits. Businesses that operate a commercial vehicle that requires an Express Lane permit or an oversized vehicle should visit this site, which provides permitting and regulatory information.
Street Banner Permits
The Banner Unit within the Department of Transportation (DOT) governs where banners promoting public events and cultural exhibits may be placed. DOT’s Banner Web page offers valuable information and instruction on how to post a banner.
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