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Lost or Stolen Permits (in PDF)
If your parking permit for persons with disabilities was stolen or lost, download this form to report it missing.
Never Received Your Permit? (in PDF)
If you applied for a parking permit for persons with disabilities and never received it, fill out this complaint form and mail it in.
Parking Mobile Homes in New York City
Section 4-08(m)8 of NYC Traffic Rules states that street storage of mobile homes is prohibited: "No person shall park any boat trailer (with or without a boat attached), mobile home or mobile medical diagnostic vehicle in any area, on any street, in excess of 24 hours." Learn more about City parking rules from the Dept. of Transportation.
Parking Permit for the Disabled
Get requirements information and download the application form for a parking permit for persons with disabilities.
Parking Permits for Clergy
Get instructions on applying for a clergy parking permit and download the application.
Various Parking Permits
Parking permits for various individual drivers and commercial vehicles.
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